The properties and application of mullite

Mullite is a collective term for a series of minerals composed of aluminosilicates, which are relatively rare. Mullite is a mineral formed by aluminosilicate at high temperature. Mullite is formed when aluminosilicate is artificially heated. Natural mullite crystals are elongated needle-shaped and radial clusters. Mullite ore is used to produce high-temperature refractories. Mullite refractories are mainly high-purity fused mullite, ordinary fused mullite, all-natural high purity bauxite sintered mullite and light burned mullite.
The characteristics of mullite
1. Sintered mullite
Mullite (sintered) is made of high-quality natural bauxite as raw material, through a selection process and multi-level homogenization, and sintered at a high temperature above 1750℃. Mullite has the characteristics of high content, high density, good thermal shock stability, small high temperature creep value and good chemical corrosion resistance. Its quality is stable. Mullite is the ideal raw material for production of various shaped and unshaped refractory materials, mold for high quality sanitary ware, precision casting products, etc.
2. Fused mullite.
Mullite (Electrofused) is made of high-purity quartz sand and industrial alumina and is smelted on a super large electric arc furnace. Mullite has white color, very low residual carbon, low porosity, low impurity content, and high flexural strength. Its softening temperature under load is high, hardness is large, high temperature creep is small, and the needle crystals are well developed. With its excellent thermal shock resistance and wear resistance, mullite is widely used in producing glass kiln lining bricks, mullite bricks, bricks for large-scale blast furnace, low-creep sillimanite bricks for blast furnace , ceramic kiln furniture, saggers, slabs, etc. Mullite is the raw material for high-end refractory materials. Various specifications of mullite products can be produced according to customers’ needs.
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