The importance of insulation of high temperature kiln

Last issue, we introduced the insulation of the kiln wall, this issue we continue to introduce the insulation of the kiln roof.
Kiln roof insulation
The construction procedure of the kiln roof insulation is: filling the V-shaped joint of the roof with high-aluminum blanket or high-aluminum wool, applying high-temperature adhesive between the board seams and pasting the high-aluminum blanket, laying the insulation blanket, sealing the seam with sealing coating, spraying the insulation coating, installing coal feed pipes and its insulation .
1. The top plate V-shaped seam is stuffed with insulation wool. The V-shaped seam must be filled with high-aluminum fire-resistant wool. Pay attention to the construction process: the filling of the fire-resistant wool must be full and tight, and the filling of the cotton should be layered, and the fire-resistant adhesive should be applied. If the seam between the boards is small or there is no gap, it should be opened slightly to make a gap of about 5 mm, and then fill the gap with insulation wool; if the gap is too large, it should be slightly adjusted to make it closer.
The joints of the vertical and horizontal seams between the ceiling panels should be smeared with high-temperature adhesive, and then 2-3cm thick and 30cm wide high-temperature high-aluminum blankets are fully laid and compacted to ensure that the seams are completely integrated.