The importance of high temperature kiln insulation

High-temperature kiln insulation works are directly related to the service life of the kiln, so insulation engineering is a meticulous work. To make every link in the construction process meet the quality requirements, we must strictly pay attention to precise construction and frequent inspections.
一. Insulation of kiln wall
The construction procedure can be divided into two steps: insulation brick masonry and insulation wool paving.
1.Masonry of thermal insulation bricks. The height, thickness and total length of the insulation wall must comply with the design drawings. Its masonry method is the same as that of clay refractory bricks, and it is built with refractory mud. The masonry should be full of mortar and solid, and the fullness of the mortar should reach more than 95%. It is strictly forbidden to use an iron hammer to hit the bricks when laying bricks. Use a rubber hammer to tap the surface of the bricks to align them. It is strictly forbidden to cut bricks directly with a gray knife. If the brick needs to be processed, it should be cut neatly with cutting machine. In order to avoid direct contact between the thermal insulation brick and the open flame in the kiln, the observation hole can be built with refractory bricks, and the overlap bricks between the thermal insulation wall and the thermal insulation blanket or the external wall should also be built with clay refractory bricks.
2.Thermal insulation blanket paving. The size of the insulation board must meet both the design requirements and the actual needs of convenient installation. During installation, we should pay attention: the insulation wool boards must be in close contact, and the joint gap should be minimized as much as possible. At the joints of insulation wool boards, it is best to use high-temperature adhesive to make the seal tightly and ensure its heat preservation performance.
In addition, if the insulation wool board needs to be processed. It should be cut neatly with knife, and should not be torn by hand.
Next issue we wil continue to introduce furnace top insulation. Please stay tuned.