The importance of high temperature kiln insulation

This issue we continue to introduce kiln roof insulation.
4. The use of thermal insulation coating can make the surface of thermal insulation wool into a whole and enhance its thermal insulation performance. The thermal insulation coating is latex-like. It is sprayed on the surface of the wool after mixing with water, and its consistency should be moderate.
5. When installing the coal feed pipe, its power cannot directly act on the refractory concrete slab. The shim can be used to slightly lift the pipe body, and its weight falls on the top plate, leaving a gap of about 10 mm between the bottom and the concrete plate. After raising, the position of the tube body should be fixed, and it cannot be moved left or right. The tube body above the insulation wool should be wrapped with high temperature resistant aluminum silicate needled blanket and tied firmly. And the part submerged in the wool should be plugged tightly with loose high aluminum wool to prevent the high-temperature air flow in the combustion chamber from leaking out, forming a crossfire. Finally, the bottom of the coal feeding pipe and the circumference of the pipe wall are fully plugged with high alumina wool from bottom to top to ensure its sealing.