The importance of high temperature furnace insulation

This issue we will continue to introduce furnace top insulation.
2.Laying of thermal insulation wool. The bottom layer of thermal insulation wool should be a high-temperature resistant aluminum silicate fiber blanket. The surface layer can be an aluminum silicate fiber blanket. In order to enhance its performance,the blanket joint should be staggered and blanket should be laid in vertical and horizontal way. Attention should be paid when laying the bottom: surrounding area of heat-resistant hoist and heat-resistant hanging parts must be compacted with blanket, and the joints should be staggered and overlapped. The technical requirements for laying insulation wool can be summarized as: staggered laying, compaction of each layer, uniform spraying, and surface smoothing.
After the thermal insulation wool is laid, if all the heat-resistant hanging parts are submerged in the wool, a small amount of wool around the hanging parts should be taken out so that the top of the heat-resistant hook and the ordinary hanging rod are exposed to the air to facilitate natural heat dissipation.
3.Use sealing paint to fill all joint gaps on the wool surface, and apply smoothly to make it completely sealed.
Next issue we will continue to introduce furnace top insulation. Please stay tuned.