The impact of national environmental inspection on CCEWOOL

     In 2017, central government of China has launched a large-scale environmental inspection in provinces and cities across the country.Central government issued “18 environmental protection policies”, including “Low emission transformation of coal-fired power plants, renovation of small scattered enterprises, Elimination of small and medium sized boiler, Emission reduction of volatile organic compound” etc. This leads to shut down of most small and medium refractory factories and many big refractory factories without complete environmental procedures has to stop and transform production line.
CCEWOOL insulating fire brick factory was founded in 1975, and successfully participated in the drafting and formulation of a number of refractory material standards. Now we own 2 sets of automatic proportioning system. 5 extrusion molding production lines, 5 cutting processing production lines, 2 automatic temperature control tunnel kilns, 1 high temperature shuttle type kiln, 3 press machine molding production lines etc. Annual production output is above 20,000 tons.
CCEWOOL insulating fire brick factory meet national environmental protection standard,it is national recommended environmental friendly company. Because of domestic environmental protection situation, raw material price rises sharply. Many orders flush to CCEWOOL insulating fire brick factory this leads to the demand exceeds supply. And this situation resulted in delivery time prolonged, and product price rise. We hope that our customers can understand the situation of CCEWOOL. Customers who have placed orders please be patient, we will try our best to arrange production and deliver products as soon as possible.
CCEWOOL insulating fire brick includes DJM series mullite insulating brick, LCHA series Insulating Brick, LHA Series Insulating Brick, LI series Insulating Brick. If you have any requirements please feel free to contact us.