The function and classification of additives in refractory castables

This issue we continue to introduce the function and classification of additives in refractory castables
Classifiation according to function of additives:
(1) Additives that change the rheological properties (operating performance), including water reducing agents (dispersants), plasticizers, gelling agents (flocculants), and debonding agents (deflocculants).
(2) Additives that regulate the speed of coagulation and hardening, including accelerators, retarders, and delayed hardening accelerators.
(3) Additives to adjust the internal organization structure, including foaming agents (air-entraining agents), defoamers, anti-shrinking agents (expanding agents), etc.
(4) Additives to maintain the construction performance of materials, including acid inhibitors, preservatives, etc.
The nature and function of water reducing agent
The water reducing agent can be adsorbed on the surface of the particles after being dissolved in water, increase the potential of the particle surface, increase the repulsion between the particles, and release the free water wrapped in the aggregation structure composed of fine particles, thereby playing a wetting and dispersing effect , So it is also called dispersant. Because it can release free water in the agglomerated structure, it can reduce the unit water consumption while maintaining the rheology (workability) of the castable, or improve the workability and make the castable easy to construct and shape without changing the unit water consumption.