Product characteristics and process principles of mullite insulation bricks

Lightweight mullite bricks have the characteristics of good chemical stability, high temperature resistance, high dimensional accuracy, uniform structure, good appearance, and low thermal conductivity. Mullite insulation bricks can be directly used for the lining of high-temperature kilns, and have been widely used in shuttle kilns, roller kilns, glass and petrochemical kilns.
Characteristics of mullite insulation bricks:
1. Low thermal conductivity and good thermal insulation performance;
2. Mullite insulation bricks have low thermal capacity. Due to the low thermal conductivity, the mullite insulation bricks accumulate little heat energy, which has obvious energy-saving effects in intermittent operation;
3. Low impurity content. It has very low iron and alkali oxide content, therefore, high refractoriness; high aluminum content makes it maintain good performance in a reducing atmosphere;
4. Mullite insulation bricks have high compressive strength under high temperature;
5. Accurate size, which speeds up masonry, reduces the amount of refractory mortar used, ensures the strength and stability of the masonry, thereby prolongs the life of the lining;
6. Mullite insulation bricks can be processed into special shapes which can reduce the required number of bricks and joints.
Next issue we will continue to introduce mullite insulation bricks’ characteristics and process principles. Please stay tuned.