Performance characteristics of alumina hollow ball brick

Advantage of alumina hollow ball brick
3. Save materials:
Based on same operating temperature, if use heavy bricks to build furnaces, the cost of required heavy bricks is equivalent to that of alumina hollow ball bricks, but considerable refractory insulation materials are required. If use alumina hollow ball bricks, 1.1-1.9 tons of heavy bricks can be saved per cubic meter, and 80% of refractory insulation materials can be saved.
4. Energy saving:
Alumina hollow balls have obvious thermal insulation properties and low thermal conductivity, which can achieve a good thermal insulation effect, reduce heat dissipation, improve thermal efficiency, and save energy. The energy saving efficiency can reach more than 30%.
Alumina hollow ball and its products are a kind of light refractory material with excellent high temperature resistance and energy saving performance, and it is very stable to be used in various atmospheres.It is especially suitable for application in high temperature furnace at 1800℃.. Alumina hollow balls can be used as high-temperature, ultra-high-temperature insulation fillers, high-temperature refractory concrete lightweight aggregates, high-temperature castables, etc.Alumina hollow ball bricks will have obvious effects on reducing the weight of the furnace body, transforming the furnace structure, saving materials, and saving energy.