Key points of masonry construction of refractory insulation materials for aluminum melting furnace 3

Three. Furnace roof masonry
Furnace roof masonry can be divided into two forms according to heating methods: one is oil furnace roof, and the other is electric furnace roof.
1. Masonry of oil furnace roof
In accordance with the masonry requirements of the vault, the bricks are laid first, and finally set specially designed mould template and use the thermal insulation castable to cast the thermal insulation layer.
2. Masonry of the top of the electric furnace
(1) Construction of arch corner bricks.
(2) Furnace roof bricks are divided into several groups according to the size of the furnace roof, each group of three pieces.
(3) The joint between the arched brick and the brick is no more than 2mm. After the arch tire is removed, check from the inside. Use a feeler gauge with a thickness of 2mm and a width of 15mm, and the insertion depth should not exceed 100mm.
(4) Construction of furnace roof insulation