How to use light weigh thermal insulation bricks correctly 1

Use light-weight thermal insulation bricks on thermal equipment and adopt thermal insulation technical measures can greatly reduce the heat loss of the equipment, improve the heat utilization efficiency of the equipment, promote the development of light-weight kilns and improve labor productivity. For general thermal equipment, it is necessary to adopt heat insulation to save energy and improve working conditions. However, for some equipment, the advantages and disadvantages after heat insulation must be considered comprehensively, and heat insulation measures are not necessarily taken. Therefore, it is necessary to take the actual situation and the characteristics of light weight thermal insulation bricks into consideration, and choose the right and reasonable way to use light-weight thermal insulation bricks to achieve the desired purpose.
The right way to use light weight thermal insulation bricks.
(1)Thermal insulation measures should not affect the masonry life to thermal equipment.
(2)For continuously working high-temperature kilns, generally large-area thermal insulation is reasonable, which can reduce heat loss. However, a few special parts, such as the top of the open hearth, should not be insulated if the insulation measures will affect the life of the top. For kilns that work periodically, the heat storage loss is the main factor of its heat loss. If the insulation layer will cause more heat storage loss than without insulation layer. Then there is no need to add heat insulation layer. Therefore, kilns that work periodically should determine whether to take heat insulation measures through specific calculations of heat storage and heat loss.
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