Detailed construction steps for tunnel kiln insulation with insulation bricks 4

Last episode we introduced furnace top insulation. This episode we will introduce residual heat pipe insulation.
3. Residual heat pipe insulation.
The heat to dry the wet body in the drying chamber is the residual heat from the residual heat pipe of tunnel kiln. If the heat in the drying chamber is not enough, it will inevitably affects the thermal regulation of the drying chamber, and the drying cycle of the drying chamber will be lengthened. So the insulation of residual heat pipe is also very important and can not be neglected. The steps of residual heat pipe insulation is as follow.
A. Cut the rock wool blanket to pieces according to the specification of residual heat pipe. The vertical and horizontal seam of blanket should be at the top of the pipe. The over lap joint should be around 500mm. Horizontal over lap must be closely connected.
B.  The yellow kraft paper is bundled outside the rock wool with galvanized iron wire at intervals of 200 mm.
C.  Spirally wrapped on the outer surface of the yellow kraft paper with a dense glass cloth, with a lap length of 40 mm, and bundled with galvanized iron wire every 500 mm.
Also pay attention that when laying the insulation wool a gap should be left at the pipe expansion joint to ensure free sliding when the pipe expands and contracts.
Above is introduction of residual heat pipe insulation hope this can bring help to furnace builders and contractors.