Construction technology of light-weight insulation brick

Wet construction technology of light-weight insulation brick
5. Construction of light weight insulation brick.
(1)The construction sequence and construction height of light-weight insulation bricks should be determined by the masonry structure.
(2) During construction, lightweight insulation bricks or light-weight refractory bricks should be staggered by drawing lines.
(3) It is better to use thick mud for leveling of light-weight insulation brick masonry. When the size difference is too big or there are obstacles of embedded parts and special-shaped bricks, the processed bricks should be used for leveling.
(4) When building with light-weight insulation bricks, the lay-up method should be adopted for the flat joints and the squeezing method should be used for the vertical joints.
(5) Expansion joints should not be left in the light-weight insulation brick masonry. But when the movable ends of other equipment and components are directly facing the insulating refractory brick, and the expansion value is large, refractory fiber or other elastic insulation materials should be used to replace light insulation bricks.
(6) When the expansion joint of refractory masonry. Especially when the straight-through expansion joint faces the thermal insulation masonry, the light-weight insulation bricks at this place must be replaced by refractory bricks. Generally, the standard refractory bricks should be laid on a flat or vertical layer to cover the expansion joints.
(7) Light-weight insulation bricks should be squeezed by hand to rectify them. It is not appropriate to use a mallet to strike. The dried insulation masonry must not be knocked, bumped or vibrated.
(8) The width of the brick joint of thermal insulation masonry should be less than 5 mm. The mud grade and mix ratio must meet the design requirements, and the fullness of the wet-built light insulation brick joints shall not be less than 80%.
Next issue we will continue to introduce dry-laying process of lightweight insulation bricks, please stay tuned!