Construction steps of tunnel kiln insulation brick 7

Last issue we introduced laying of the roof insulation layer of the tunnel kiln and the sealing surface of the kiln roof. This issue we will introduce insulation of tunnel kiln waste heat pipe.
The heat in the drying chamber to dry the wet body is the residual heat from the waste heat pipe of tunnel kiln. If the heat in the drying chamber is not enough, it will inevitably affect the thermal system of the drying chamber, and the drying time of the drying chamber is lengthened. Therefore, the insulation of the waste heat pipe is also very important and cannot be ignored. The heat insulation steps of the waste heat pipe are as follow:
a. Cut the rock wool blanket into pieces according to the specifications of the waste heat pipe and trim it evenly. When laying, the vertical and horizontal joints should be left at the top of the pipe, and the overlap should be about 500mm. The horizontal overlap must be closely connected.
b. The straw board is bundled outside the rock wool with galvanized iron wire at intervals of 200 mm.
C. Spirally wound a dense glass cloth on the outer surface of the card board, and the overlap length is 40 mm, and it is bundled with galvanized iron wire every 500 mm.
Note that the thermal insulation rock wool on both sides of the joint of the pipe expansion joint should be left with a gap to ensure free sliding when the pipe is stretched.
This issue we introduced insulation of tunnel kiln waste heat pipe. Hope this can bring help to furnace builders.