Classification and performance advantages of thermal insulation bricks

Insulation refractory bricks are usually divided into three types:
(1) Ordinary lightweight heat-insulating refractory bricks, whose service temperature is below 1000℃, mainly include diatomaceous earth bricks, expanded razor stone bricks, expanded perlite bricks, etc., which are mostly used as heat insulation layers for thermal equipment.
(2) Lightweight thermal insulation bricks, the service temperature is between 1000~1500℃, mainly including light clay bricks, light silica bricks, light high alumina bricks, mullite poly light insulation bricks, high alumina light Insulation bricks, etc.
(3) High-temperature insulation refractory bricks, whose service temperature is above 1500℃, can be directly used as the lining of high-temperature kilns. They mainly include lightweight corundum bricks, alumina hollow sphere products and zirconia hollow sphere products.
As a new type of thermal insulation material, thermal insulation bricks have the characteristics of high strength, good rigidity, wind pressure resistance, creep resistance, crack resistance and waterproofing.
Next issue we will continue to introduce characteristics and advantages of thermal insulation bricks.