Characteristics of light weight mullite refractory brick

Lightweight mullite refractory brick’s density is no more than 1.3g/cm3. Because it has low thermal conductivity and good energy-saving performance. It can be used as linings in kilns that directly contact the flame. Because light refractory bricks’ softening temperature is low, and its linear shrinkage is large. It is mostly used as a thermal insulation material. A few high-temperature light-weight refractory bricks have high production costs. Such light-weight refractory bricks are expensive and difficult for users to accept. According to market demand, our company has developed lightweight mullite refractory bricks. Ceramics, chemical industry, metallurgy and other industries have large demand for mullite refractory bricks. And this lightweight mullite refractory bricks are widely used in furnace linings.
Generally, lightweight mullite refractory can be used as furnace linings of temperature no higher than 1550℃. In production of lightweight refractory bricks the dimension of brick is mainly controlled by mechanical molding
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