Characteristics and application of alumina hollow ball brick 2

3. Material saving:
Based on same furnace working temperature, the cost of using heavy bricks is equivalent to hollow alumina bricks, but using heavy bricks still requires considerable insulation refractory. If using alumina hollow ball bricks, it can save 1.1-1.9 tons of heavy bricks per cubic meter, and can save 80% of refractory insulation materials.
4.Energy saving:
Alumina hollow balls have obvious thermal insulation characteristics, low thermal conductivity, can play a good thermal insulation effect, reduce heat dissipation, improve thermal efficiency, and thus achieve the purpose of saving energy. The energy saving effect can reach more than 30%.
Alumina hollow ball and its products are a kind of light-weight refractory material with high temperature resistance and excellent energy saving performance. They are very stable in various atmospheres. It is very suitable for being applied in high temperature kiln at 1800℃. Hollow balls can be used as high-temperature and ultra-high-temperature insulation fillers, high-temperature refractory concrete lightweight aggregates, high-temperature castables, etc. Hollow ball brick can be used in high temperature energy saving (>30%) in inverted flame kiln, shuttle kiln, molybdenum wire furnace, tungsten rod furnace, induction furnace, nitriding furnace, etc. It has obvious effect for reducing the weight of the furnace body, transforming the structure, saving materials, and saving energy.
Alumina powder is made of high-quality industrial alumina. It is produced with new high-temperature inverted flame kiln and a scientific calcination process. It is manually selected, clearly graded, contains less impurities, has high conversion rate, stable shrinkage, and good consistency.