CCEWOOL&CCEFIRE brand is highly recognized by Turkish customer

Turkish customer is CCEWOOL&CCEFIRE’s new customer. He learned about CCEWOOL&CCEFIRE on local market. And is very satisfied with CCEWOOL&CCEFIRE product quality.
Turkish customers say to CCEWOOL&CCEFIRE brand founder Rosen:
“Dear Rosen,
It has been a long time since we have got our first contact in Ceramitec 2012 in Munich and it is a shame we could not have initiated a business.
I know CCEWOOL&CCEFIRE is an established brand and have good quality products, there is no question about that.
As you know very well, the prices in Turkey are low, this is because the volume is high and there are several users that put price before the quality.
As our customer is composed of customers who value performance / price ratio. Therefore I would very much like to work with CCEWOOL&CCEFIRE.
There are several companies from China that are offering insulation products at much lower prices but we are not interested in them.”
We are very pleased and proud of the recognition of the CCEWOOL&CCEFIRE brand by Turkish customers. For 20 years CCEWOOL&CCEFIRE brand has adhered to the branding route and constantly developed new products according to changes of market demand. The CCEWOOL&CCEFIRE brand has been in the insulation and refractory industry for 20 years. It not only sell products, but also pay more attention on quality, service and reputation.