CCEWOOL mullite insulating fire brick of USA customer is delivered

     One 40HC of CCEWOOL DJM series mullite insulating fire bricks ordered by UAS customer are delivered on time on May 18th. 2017 from our factory please prepare for collecting cargo.

CCEWOOL DJM series mullite insulating fire brick is a new kind of refractory material. It can contact fire directly. It is high temperature resistant, light weight, low heat conductivity and energy efficient. It is widely used as furnace lining of hot blast stove, cracking furnace, ceramic roller kiln, ceramic kiln, glass crucible and various electric kiln.

This order of CCEWOOL insulating fire brick is packed with hard craft paper box then wrapped with wrapping film and fixed on pallet. This package can prevent products from moisture. Five faces of the pallet is covered with hard card board. Eight corners of the pallet are protected with paper corner protector to prevent damage to products. Each pallet is fixed with 6 strips of packing belt to make the pallet more stable.

This shipment of CCEWOOL DJM series mullite insulating fire brick will arrive destination port around June 20th. Please prepare for picking up cargo.