Application of corundum mullite bricks in slag furnace

During the working process of the slag furnace, the slag will cause corrosion and damage to the refractory materials of the furnace lining. In addition, the furnace needs to be shut down frequently for various reasons, and the temperature rises and falls, which will bring great thermal shock to refractory materials especially to the nozzles on the top of the furnace. Therefore, corundum mullite bricks with good thermal shock resistance and corrosion resistance should be used as the main refractory materials, corundum ramming materials should be used around the furnace bottom, and mullite light bricks with low thermal conductivity should be used on the outside of the furnace lining.
1. Cautions for the construction of refractory lining
① Construction of furnace wall and furnace bottom
Basic requirements: The horizontal seam between the inner lining and the outer lining cannot be straight through, and the vertical brick seams of the upper and lower bricks of the inner lining and the outer lining cannot be in a straight line. When laying furnace bottom castables should control the height and slope of both sides. The gap between the corundum mullite bricks on the furnace wall and the corundum mullite bricks at the bottom of the furnace should be filled with high-alumina castable. When laying corundum bricks, pay attention to checking the center point and ovality of the furnace body while laying the sides, so as to correct it in time.
② Construction of flue opening with brick
Basic requirements: The flue opening brick is a special-shaped corundum mullite brick. The connection between the flue opening brick and the horizontal flue brick should be tight and seamless to prevent air and water leakage.
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