Application and characteristic of light weight insulating fire brick

     Refractory material users and refractory material industry all belong to high energy consuming industry. They all need energy conservation and emission reduction. Energy saving refractory material is a kind of green refractory material with full development vitality. The application of light weight insulating fire brick is an effective way to realize industrial furnace energy saving.
In our common industrial furnace, light insulating fire bricks are mainly used together with heavy refractory fire brick. High alumina brick and heavy refractory can touch fire directly but its refractoriness rate under load is changing. As the temperature goes up, the temperature of heavy refractory fire brick will rise to 1300℃ or even higher. If this temperature reaches the steel structure of furnace that will bring damage to the whole furnace. So when building furnace the coordinate application of light weight insulating fire brick and heavy refractory fire brick is necessary. Lay a layer of light weight insulating fire brick behind heavy weight refractory fire brick can effectively prevent heat transfer, increase insulation, reduce heat emission and reduce energy consumption.
Suitable light weight insulation fire brick is chosen and applied according to furnace environment, furnace temperature and furnace characteristics. So in furnace building we can not build with only one type of refractory products. We need coordinate application of various types of refractory material to build an effective, energy saving and high quality furnace.
Above is the application and characteristics of light weight insulating fire brick. Hope this can bring help to furnace builders and workers.